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Jackson Terrace, Jackson , Saint Michael, Barbados

Directions from Warrens roundabout by CIBC

head towards One Accord Plaza

- continue straight to BRC concrete roundabout, turning on to Cane Garden Road,

- make immediate 1st right by the church opposite meat shop

- pass roadside mechanic on your right and continue to Y-junction

- at Y-junction, stay to the left, and its the 2nd house on your left i.e.

- 1st wall house on your left, with green & gold gate, opposite vacant lot, after green wooden house

Walk or drive between our house (wall house) and neighbour's green (wooden house) and park on stoned area. Please park close to entrance gate or opposite entrance gate. DO NOT Block active driveway.

Enter through the green door on the perimeter wall, walk towards lawn, and take the stairs towards the entrance of the apartment.

Google Map/Location pin:

19.7 Km


0.7 Km


9.4 Km