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Venue Rental

Jackson Breezy is a cozy venue to host your event where amplified music is not needed, and where invited guest can be limited to 25 persons inclusive of patron.

for Parties, Weddings, Limes, Games Nights, Baby Showers, etc.


- BBD$500 for up to 4hrs*, with each additional hour or part thereof, costing BBD$125.


- BBD$300 for events finishing by 6pm or BBD$400 otherwise, for up to 4hrs., with each additional hour or part thereof, costing BBD$100.

- All events includes access to the Lawns, Apartment (excl. bedroom) and BBQ Grill.

- Get a $100 discount if you book and pay for a minimum of 2 nights in the apartment during the event date.

- Limited to 25 guests including yourself. This limit can be increased to 35 based on the type of event & event time at an additional cost.

- No confetti of any kind can be used on Property.

- Pool area events must be concluded by 10pm.

- No amplified music is allowed.

- Music & noise levels must be kept within levels acceptable to the Host, and this varies based on time of day.
The later it gets, the lower the noise &/or the music level must be.
Generally, 70db is an acceptable maximum. _(a normal conversation is ~60db, a loud vacuum cleaner is ~70db)_.



When required, the damage deposit is US$75 / BB$150.

    The damage deposit will be returned to you or pre-authorization released within 3 days after the event provided that the following provisions are met:

    • No damage is done to the property or its furnishings
    • A general cleanup and tiding of the property is done after the event
    • There are no items missing from the property
    • All keys are returned
    • There are no violations of the rental agreement linked below.



    The property is on a rectangular lot that is approx. 11,000sq ft, with one building in the center, of the property. The building consist primarily of a private residence, with an apartment. The apartment is located upstairs on the northern end of the building, facing a 3,000 sq ft lawn/open area. The pool is located on the opposite southern end of the property.

    The use of the pool and its environs is limited to 9pm for paid Pool Parties/Limes, while the lawns and apartment are negotiable.

    No amplified music/sound systems are allowed.

    Guest enter & exit via the side entrance on to a private road where parking is available.


    Click the link below to view the rental agreement: